Al Sadd SC Is Going To Sue Their Ex-Player Abdelkarim Hassan


On January 28th, the Al Sadd Sports Club published a formal statement regarding Abdelkarim Hassan, a national player for Qatar.

The former Al Sadd player is being sued for signing to Kuwaiti team Al Jahra SC


According to a statement from Al Sadd SC, Abdelkarim Hassan ended his employment with Al Sadd FC early and without valid cause. The sports club has decided to file a lawsuit as a result of this.

Shortly after Qatar was out of the running for the FIFA World Cup, Hassan was attacked online for what fans considered a disrespectful Snapchat post poking fun at Qatar’s loss.

Following that dispute, Al Sadd had to condemn Hassan’s actions publicly therefore prompting a dispute between the two parties, which ended in Hassan’s permanent departure from the team.


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