All The Travel Updates You Need To Know If You’re Travelling To Qatar


All the travel updates you need to know about if you’re heading to Qatar!

Presenting your Ehteraz status is no longer needed

You will no longer need to present your Ehteraz status except at health centres starting November 1st!

EHTERAZ is the official contact tracing application for the State of Qatar and is owned, operated, and approved by the Ministry of Public Health.

Rapid antigen tests no longer needed

Citizens and residents no longer need rapid antigen tests to enter qatar

RAT/Covid-19 PCR test no longer required for visitors

You do not have to take a PCR test before travelling to Qatar anymore. Previously, visitors needed 48 hours valid PCR in order to enter the country, and could not entry approval without it.

‘Host Family & Friends’ service will be closed soon

Fans can continue to apply for the Family & Friends service until the 1st of November 2022.

After that, fans will need to book accommodation through the Qatar Accommodation Agency or other third-party platforms

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