Authorities Are Inspecting A Weird Red Spot In Qatar’s Waters


Through a specialised team from the Water Environment Quality Department, the Environmental Monitoring and Inspection Department responded to a report of a red spot in Qatari territorial waters in collaboration with the Marine Protection Department at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

Environmental samples were collected for examination, and results were extracted.

There’s a very unique reason why a red spot appeared in the waters

The “red tide” is an environmental marine phenomenon that occurs when specific types of plankton or phytoalgae bloom in the seawater, dramatically altering the colour of the water.

This was discovered through examination and study carried out in the laboratories of the Environmental Monitoring and Inspection Department. The phytoplankton that is responsible for the occurrence ranges in colour from clear to crimson.

The agencies of the Ministry are also on high alert to combat any extraneous phenomena in the neighbourhood, whether they are natural or industrial, that can pollute the area or affect the environmental balance in the State of Qatar.




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