FIFA Launches New Phase Of Sale Tickets For The 2022 World Cup


FIFA has launched a new round of ticket sales for the 2022 World Cup

Remaining tickets for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 are here! giving fans an unmissable chance to secure their place at the greatest football show on Earth.

FIFA is officially launching a new phase of ticket sales for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Additionally, FIFA is opening the door for fans to buy tickets for the Qatar World Cup with a first-of-its-kind purchase system, so that fans wishing to attend the first World Cup matches of their kind in the Middle East and the Arab world can book their seats immediately after paying for them exclusively through FIFA’s ticket-selling website. This phase will go till August 16th.

Ticket Details

This is the last stage of ticket sales for this edition of the World Cup, after approximately 1.8 million tickets were sold throughout the previous stages. If you would like to book your ticket today, click here!

the ticket sale will start on Today, 5th July, at 11:00 CET/12 pm Doha time until 16th August at 11:00 CET/12 pm in Doha.

The organizers in Doha promise fans and game supporters an unforgettable experience and the atmosphere of a passionate World Cup. Qatar built seven World Cup stadiums and restored an eighth. Despite several constraints placed on the regional and global arenas, Qatar has launched modern transportation infrastructure and dozens of tourism and cultural sites in the last decade.


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