Google Has Launched A New Cloud Region In Doha


A new Google cloud region has begun operations in Doha, Qatar.

The search and cloud business said this week that its new Google Cloud region in Doha, which was first hinted at in March 2020, is now operational.

It’s a game-changer that the new Google Cloud region opened in Doha

Their consumer data platform will be able to operate and store data locally in Qatar thanks to this new cloud region, which will foster innovation and predictive marketing across all industries, including healthcare.

Google can better satisfy Qatar’s unique data privacy laws by using the new Google Cloud region, thereby improving consumer experiences.

Doha is the second region Google has launched in this year.

The business established a second Italian region in Turin last month.

Google is creating cloud regions in Berlin, Germany, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Querétaro, Mexico, Johannesburg, South Africa (and maybe Cape Town), and Kuwait.


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