Hayya Portal’s New Updates Let You Host Up To Five Visitors In Your Home


Qatar’s Hayya platform, which was launched to manage visits to the country for the World Cup last year, has now been expanded to house all business and tourist visa applications in one platform.

One of the new updates is that residents can host up to five visitors in their home

Qatar Tourism said that with immediate effect, the Hayya platform will become the single portal to apply for tourist and business visas to Qatar.

Any Qatar residents with a valid QID and home address that have registered on the Metrash2 app can use their account to sign up as a host on the Hayya app.

Once a guest has been added to the ‘family and friends’ list, they cannot be removed, and so accurately inputting their information is crucial.

If a guest list connected to a home address is empty, then only the property itself can be removed from the portal.

The portal’s updates will combine the visa processes for tourists, GCC residents and companions traveling with GCC citizens (whom are issued an ‘Authorisation Electronic Travel’ permit).

Visa applications can also be completed through the portal hayya.qa, or through Hayya’s smartphone app.

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