Here’s How To Track The Status Of Your Qatar Tourism & Residence Visa Application


Have you filed for a visa to Qatar but are unsure of when it will be granted? Through two dedicated platforms, Qatar offers visa applicants quick and simple ways to check the status of their visa application online.

The details on how to track your application are as follows:

1. The interior ministry website for Qatar

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Qatar maintains a website with an e-services portal that allows visitors to inquire about a variety of services provided by the Ministry, including the granting of a work or visit visa to Qatar. This is how:

1. Access the Ministry’s online platform for visa services here.

2. Enter your passport number and country of citizenship after clicking “Visa inquiry and printing.”
3. Type the verification code found in the given picture.
4. Select “Submit.”
The system will then let you know how your visa application is progressing.

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2. The Qatar Visa Centre

If you are a candidate from one of the following nations and you are particularly seeking for a resident visa, you can use the Qatar Visa Centre website:
1. Bangladesh
2. India
3. Nepal
4. Pakistan
5. Philippines
6. Sri Lanka

Here’s how to determine your visa’s status:

1. Click here.

2. Next, pick the nation from which you submitted your application.
3. Press the ‘track application’ button.
4. Enter the Captcha code after entering your passport and visa numbers.
5. After that, the system will specify precisely what stage of the procedure your application is in.





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