Here’s How You Can Volunteer For Expo 2023 Doha


In preparation for hosting one of the biggest events of the year beginning in October, Qatar has officially released the qualifications for volunteering at Expo 2023 Doha.

An open request for volunteers who are 18 years of age or older has been posted on the official website by September 1st

Although applications have not yet been made available to the general public, the event’s organisers have issued information for individuals interested in joining the 2,200-member “Green Team.”

Al Bidda Park will host the event, which is scheduled to begin on October 2, 2023, and end on March 28, 2024. Over the course of the six-month event, at least three million visitors are anticipated.

Accreditation, Ceremonies, Ticketing, Events, and Cultural Experiences, Health and Safety, Language Services, Media and Broadcast, Participant Operations, Protocol Services, Visitor Services and Experience, and Workforce are just a few of the aspects that the jobs handle.

Basic conditions and timeframe:

While candidates from outside of Qatar must be able to live in the nation for the whole six months, they will only be taken into consideration if they are self-funded.

According to the website, “Visa, travel, and lodging are not provided by Expo 2023.”

Volunteers with “diverse abilities” and their family members or assistants are welcome to support them while doing their duties.

The organisers advised, “Once you have both applied, please contact us to ensure that your applications are processed simultaneously, and we’ll help you identify roles to which you are best suited.”

For a period of six months, it is intended that volunteers work seven to eight days per month. Volunteers are expected to work 45 shifts in total, or an average of two days.

Depending on the function, shifts span six to eight hours, and volunteers can choose the times that work best for them. The website also said that weekends and evenings are when volunteers are most needed.

The application is the first step in the volunteer process, and an interview comes next. If accepted, volunteers can next choose their shifts. Prior to the event, training, accreditation, and uniforms will be given out.


Although the volunteer positions are unpaid, they will receive free meals and refreshments throughout their hours as well as free transportation on the Doha Metro.

In addition, there are “training, an exclusive uniform, a participation certificate, and other rewards” like a parting present.

Volunteers will be given a “thank you” celebration and unique keepsakes to commemorate the completion of their responsibilities.


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