Hotel Prices Continue To Soar As The Countdown For World Cup Qatar 2022 Nears Its End


As avid football fans from around the globe are rallying to get their hands on flight tickets, and hotel rooms, hotel owners are seizing the opportunity of increased demand, and prices have soared.

Some residents have even considered listing their homes on Airbnb to profit from the skyrocketing property rent prices and insane in increase in demand.

Amit Udani, Executive Director at Fly Aerolink Travel Mumbai said in a statement to Arabian Business, while room tariffs have faced an increase of up to $200-$250 per night in 4-star hotels and between $100-$200 in lower star hotels. He also added that both airfares and hotel tariffs are increasing by the hour and day.

To help with the increased demand, Fifa has opened the opportunity for local fans to register their property for lease to global fans looking for a place to stay during the World Cup…

The ministry steps in

To limit the then much anticipated price increase rate, the Minister of Commerce and Industry issued Ministerial Decision No. (46) in 2021 to set the maximum rates for leasing hotel rooms

Maximum rates were set as 464 QR for regular hotel apartments, 537 QR for regular luxury hotel apartments,1222 for special luxury hotel apartments, 296 QR for hotels holding one and two stars rating etc.

Maximum price rates were also set based on the hotel’s ratings such as three star hotels being priced at 438 QR while five star hotels were set at 911 QR.



Even the UAE has been affected

The UAE has also witnessed a 20% increase in hotel room rates, with some sources claiming an expected 100% occupancy during the Qatar World Cup.

In April this year, FIFA president Gianni Infantino guaranteed that there will be accommodation for everyone during the World cup and encouraged fans to consider booking their stays in neighboring GCC states.

Some Fans took to Twitter to vent about their frustrations regarding the skyrocketing prices..


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