How ‘Discover Qatar’ Stopover Programme Can Attract More Tourists


‘Discover Qatar’ Is Going To Expand Stopover Programme To Attract More Tourists

Discover Qatar, the destination operation arm of Qatar Airways Group will extend the Stopover programme in the coming months to attract further excursionists from across the world.

“With an outstanding and comprehensive portfolio of hospices, excursions, transfers, and conditioning, Discover Qatar has made notable strides in pressing and promoting Qatar as a global sightseer destination,” according to the Qatar Airways Group Annual Report 2021- 2022. Furthermore, discover Qatar intends to come to the go-to brand synonymous with excellence in functional prosecution for Conferences, Events, world-class athletic events, and educational tourism in one of the world’s safest settings.

Qatar Tourism is on its way to attracting a large number of tourists

Qatar Tourism is also stepping up its sweatshops to attract further excursionists to the nation, using the Layover crusade with Qatar Airways. This is one of six major tactics QT is concentrated on to increase tourism figures in Qatar, which is awaiting over 1.5 a million tourists during the World Cup from November. ‘Discover Qatar’ is committed to fully honoring Qatar’s legacy and culture, as well as its stakeholders and the larger community; by offering products and services with an uncompromising focus on quality.

Moreover, Discover Qatar provides its services to the rest of the world via business-to-business  retail and corporate ties, as well as in Qatar via the Discover Qatar website.” The organization plays a significant role in marketing Qatar, working closely with Qatar Airways and Qatar Tourism, and supports programmes to host influential tour operators and travel professionals to the country,” the source added.


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