Is This Man The Last Surviving Pearl Diver in Qatar?


A Twitter user recently came across the same man football icon David Beckham was snapped a picture with during his Qatar visit. And if you don’t have any idea why Beckham may have wanted a picture with him, we believe we just found out…

The Qatari man may be the country’s last surviving pearl diver…who still dives until today!

His name is Saad Ismail Al Jassem and he’s now in his 80s managing a pearl shop in Souq Waqif.

Apparently, Saad is also a retired body builder who claims he has the ability to rest his entire body on a board of nails without getting hurt, which is something he says he can still do.


The Twitter user who met Saad, Moe, revealed the freshwater pearls she bought from him was one of the best souvenirs she could ask for from Doha.

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