The Colourful Buildings In The Mina District At Old Doha Port Are Going Viral On Twitter

Aneesa Ahmed
Katara Cultural Village Buildings

If you’re a Qatar resident, you’ve probs not thought twice about the beautiful colourful buildings in the Old Doha Ports Mina District

But people across the world and seeing them for the first time on Twitter and they have something interesting to say…

These pics got lots of reactions, with 850,000 views and here are the best quote tweets and replies 😂

Now it may be 3 weeks of fasting making people see food everywhere, but lots of comments are hilariously comparing the buildings to edibles!

Whether it’s candy…

Or cake,

People are ready to bite right into them! 😂

The comments away from food, are people expressing their wishes to visit and live in Qatar – and it’s obvious why! With fantastic architecture and things to do, it is a must-visit destination ◡̈


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