This Leaning Mosque In Qatar Is Way Too Cool

Aneesa Ahmed
MOSQUE leaning doha

The leaning tower of Doha! This mosque is epic and no, you aren’t in Italy – it’s right here in Qatar…

A mosque… that leans… there’s not much else to say except COOOOOL

People on IG are seeing the resemblance to the famous leaning tower of Pisa – just a little closer to home. You can read the comments on this post..


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Qatar is pretty well known for having beautiful architecture all across the country, but this one is a lillll different because it is literally giving ANGLES

The mosque is designed completely uniquely at a slanted angle and is a place of worship for Muslims

The name of the building is Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Museum

The only question is, how low can you go?

Tag @LovinDoha with your pics and see if you can match the mosques angle 😉



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