Pura Vida Has Closed Down After Its Qatari Partner Pulls Out Due To CEO’s Pro-Israel Stance


After its CEO made his support for Israel public and referred to Palestinians as “terrorists,” the Qatari public began a boycott movement against Pura Vida Miami’s Doha location.

Now, the shop has closed down following the Qatari partner’s reaction

Local media claimed that the Qatari partner of a well-known cafe that has been the subject of controversy for the past week has severed ties with the business’s proprietor in an act of support for Palestinians.

Omer Horev, the CEO, posted a picture of the Israeli flag along with the message, “Now and always, we stand with the people of Israel!”

Following its CEO’s pro-Israel comments, Al Maha Island’s Pura Vida Miami received a flurry of boycott requests recently.

The shop opened late last year, and had been enjoying widespread popularity before these events.

On social media, the Qatari public rapidly reacted by urging people to boycott his brand Pura Vida. Some criticised Horev’s posts as “audacious,” while others referred to the launch of the branch in Doha as “a betrayal of the cause of the Islamic nation.”

“Audacious. He continues to provoke Arabs as he continues to profit from their money,” one local social media user said on X.

In a statement announcing the closure on Thursday, Horev said: “I want to acknowledge that the situation in the Middle East is complex and sensitive, and my comments may have led to controversy at our restaurant in Doha.”

The announced closure was met with a wave of support online.


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