Qatar And Bahrain Are Restoring Diplomatic Ties

Aneesa Ahmed
Bahrain qatar

‘Peace in the Middle East’ is what’s trending after Qatar and Bahrain have announced that they will officially restore diplomatic relations

It’s an important day in the region, as Qatar and Bahrain have officially restored ties that have been severed since 2017

The news was officially announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here

The two gulf countries have a mutual desire to enhance the GCC unity and good neighborliness and direct flights are expected to be announced as a result

For the last few years, people have been unable to fly directly between the two states and have had to drive. Things will be different now, and people have taken to social media to comment their positive thoughts about the new unity.

The general public is overjoyed by the announcement..

And people across the globe are recognising the strong and compassionate leadership coming from the region!

A historical day for the Gulf countries!



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