Qatar Charity Just Handed Over 250 Housing Units To Displaced Syrian Families


OCHA-funded Qatar Charity (QC) executed a high-quality project in northern Syria by delivering 250 dwelling units to IDPs living in the Oyoun Ara camp.

The charity handed over a total of 250 homes to families

In order to provide a decent existence for the IDP families residing in the camp and lessen their suffering, dwelling units made of concrete and precast panels were installed in place of the tents as part of the project, which was conducted in response to the humanitarian crisis in the camp.

Each housing unit, which consists of two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, was built with an integrated sewage system, a drainage system for rainwater and all necessary furnishings.

A school was constructed as part of the project. It has six classrooms, a room where kids can participate in activities for psychological support, and a caravan for administrative services.

A kid-friendly area measuring 700 square metres was created and furnished with toys. Roads were also built inside the camp, and there were paved walkways between the dwelling units and lighting poles.



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