Qatar Has Been Ranked As The Most Peaceful Country In The MENA Region


Qatar continues to be the most peaceful nation in the area, a title it has maintained since 2008, according to the most recent Global Peace Index 2023 rankings.

Qatar is the most peaceful country in the MENA region

It is the only nation in the area to be listed among the top 25 most peaceful nations worldwide. Qatar’s general level of peace increased in 2023, thanks to reductions in political unrest, successful exterior conflicts, and UN peacekeeping financing.



The domestic political climate in Qatar was aided by the restoration of diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt in 2021.

Political stability has had a full-year improvement as a result of the relations remaining stable during 2022.

Qatar was listed as the world’s 23rd most peaceful nation in 2022 out of 163 nations. Qatar has maintained its top ranking as the most tranquil nation in the MENA region for 16 years running.


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