Qatar Has Revealed Its List Of Authorised Hajj Tour Operators


The authorities in Qatar have published a formal list of 18 licenced tour companies for the forthcoming 2023 Hajj season.

The information was made available on the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs website, giving potential pilgrims access to tools for choosing their chosen trip provider.

The website also provides information like contact information and the kinds of lodging each trip operator offers.

Check the list of authorized operators below:

The electronic screening procedure for candidates for the Hajj trip in 2023 has concluded, according to a statement made in March by the Department of Hajj and Umrah Affairs.

Priority was given by the department to old individuals, Qataris and residents who had not previously completed Hajj, as well as those whose former petitions had been denied.

The principal pilgrim was given special consideration during the selecting process to make sure they met all requirements.

People who desire to perform the Hajj must have finished both doses of the Covid-19 immunisation, according to new rules that the Saudi Arabian kingdom published earlier this year.

Every pilgrim must send proof of their immunisations along with their application, including the dates of their first and second vaccines.

The yearly Hajj trip is anticipated to start this year around June 26th.


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