Qatar Has Signed A $13 Million Deal Investing In…Chickens?


Qatar has signed a $13 million five-year deal with The World Poultry Foundation (WPF) to expand the sector in the African countries of Sierra Leone and Gambia.

The $13 million deal is going towards poultry farmers in the two countries which suffer from food insecurity

The programme, according to Director-General Khalifa al-Kuwari, is a “quantum leap” in the field of food security. It will aid areas with limited resources, play a significant role in providing vulnerable groups with basic necessities for survival, and give households access to sources of income and nutrient-dense food.

generous donation, and more is anticipated to be done.

Over 70% of small owners farmers in Africa, 80% of which are women, raise poultry.

In Gambia, more than half of the population is at risk of food insecurity and is vulnerable to any shock. Statistics from 2021 show that 329,189 persons, or 13.4% of the population, are food insecure.

The population is impacted by a number of problems, including poor sanitation, widespread malnutrition, and high newborn mortality rates.

Thousands of individuals in both nations are anticipated to benefit from Qatar’s recent and extraordinarily

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