Qatar Just Launched A New Electric Car Company Called ‘VIM’


On Sunday, at the official launch of the smart transport business Ecotranzit, the first electric car brand, VIM, with a wholly Qatari intellectual property, was introduced, according to QNA.

VIM is set to be the first Qatari electrical vehicle company

Several officials from the Gulf state were present when the significant news was made, albeit the report did not identify where it was made. Those present reported that Ecotranzit displayed three distinct versions of the brand-new electric cars.

The VIM VX 50, a five-door, five-seat SUV with a 72 KWH battery, was one of the designs.

The business also introduced the VIM VS 30 Sedan, a four-door, five-seat vehicle, as well as the VIM P 100 van, a third design with seven to nine seats.

According to Econtranzit, the most recent innovations combine luxury and sustainability, and the introduction was describe as a turning point in the company’s progress towards a sustainable future.

By the end of 2022, 25% of Qatar’s public transportation was already electric, including the fully-electric state-of-the-art metro system.

The transformation covers public services and government school buses, with the goal of cutting down carbon emissions caused by regular buses in less than ten years from now.




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