Qatar Spends The Least On Tobacco Products Within The Arab World


2019 saw the Qatari government tax all tobacco products at a rate of 100 percent, which clearly had some strong effects on local tobacco consumption.

According to recent study, Qatar is among the Arab nations in the Middle East that spend the least on tobacco products

According to Fitch Solutions, Qatar’s average annual per capita spending in 2023 was about $22.6, which was less than Jordan’s $120.5, Egypt’s $86.7, Saudi Arabia’s $68.1, the United Arab Emirates’ $43, and Kuwait’s $31.3.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia had the highest levels among Arab countries, with total annual expenditures of $9.77 billion, $2.52 billion, and $2.15 billion, respectively.

The sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products without having digital tax stamps that are active and valid was prohibited earlier this year by Qatar’s General Tax Authority.

According to the finance ministry, a “selective tax” will be applied to goods that are harmful to consumers’ health.



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