Qatar Takes The Lead With Lowest Unemployment Rates In The World!


Looks like Qatar’s job market is on fire, with one of the world’s lowest unemployment records according to the Spectator Index!

The Spectator Index even tweeted about it, putting Qatar at the very bottom of a list ranking countries’ unemployment rates. They revealed that Nigeria topped the list with a whopping 33.3%, followed by South Africa (32.7%), Iraq (14.2%), Spain (13.2%), and then Morocco (11.8%) at number five. Qatar, on the other hand, had the lowest unemployment rate in the world at 0.1%! A massive achievement!


Qatar’s job market is booming!

The World Bank, an international financial institution, also lists Qatar as the country with the lowest total percentage of labor force unemployed. According to their data, Qatar’s unemployment rate has been consistently dropping over the past three decades. In 1991, it was 0.81%, but in 2021, it’s a teeny-tiny 0.17%. Woohoo! Qatar’s job market is definitely one to watch! ๐Ÿ‘€

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