Qatar Unveils A Mini Forest Inside Of Hamad International Airport


In response to “rumours” that it couldn’t handle World Cup travellers, Qatar today celebrated the opening of a significant expansion of its primary international airport.

Hamad International Airport unveiled a new mini forest within one of its terminals

A big water feature and an interior tropical garden with more than 300 different trees and 25,000 plants from around the world serve as the focal point of the new terminal expansion at Hamad International Airport.

The airport will increase its capacity from 40 million passengers per year to 58 million following the multi-billion dollar renovation.


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The airport, a major gateway for transit travellers, now has 140 airport gates after the expansion added 39 more.

The World Cup is expected to bring more than one million tourists to the Gulf state and the mini forest was completed just ten days before its opening day.

To relieve congestion, Qatar has also reopened Doha International Airport.

In order to enhance flights from important World Cup markets and make room for other airlines to operate football charters, Qatar Airways has also dropped 18 routes from its itinerary.


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