Qatar Will Now Fine Vehicle Noise Pollution With A Hefty Million QAR Bill


Qatar has rolled out a new fine for those who commit noise pollution through their vehicles

It is expected that service providers and auto dealers will take corrective action, such as stopping the sale of spare parts that contribute to sound amplification.

According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, car dealerships and service providers that violate Qatar’s vehicle noise regulations may be subject to a severe fine of up to QAR 1 million or a maximum two-year prison sentence.

Authorities established a mandate on all cars and motorcycles across the nation to abide by the noise level specifications outlined by the Qatar General Organisation for Standards and Metrology in an official circular issued on Sunday.

The important action seeks to maintain a long-running national crackdown on noise pollution in response to concerns from locals in particular regions, notably Lusail Marina.

The majority of the time, racers alter their automobiles by adding exhausts that produce explosive noises. The Traffic Department in Qatar views this as a significant infraction even though it scares families with young children at night.

According to the circular, the following standards and guidelines are to be used to regulate vehicle noise levels:

Cars — Noise Pollution (GSO1624/2002), a Gulf Standard standard from the mechanical products standard industry.

The mechanical products specification sector’s Gulf Standard Specifications: Motorcycles — Noise Pollution (GSO ECE 41-1:2007).

Additionally, it has been suggested that administrative business closures lasting up to three months could be an option.

The ministry issued a warning that any vehicle, whether it is fuelled by petrol or diesel, must not exceed the specified limit (in dB).




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