Qatari Salaries Are The 6th Highest In The World!

Sandra Emam

Money Talks, Qatar Rocks! With salaries soaring to global heights, Qatar proudly claims the 6th spot, proving that dreams do come true!

Qatar takes the lead! Ranking 6th globally and #1 in the Arab world for huge paychecks, as revealed by Numbeo Stats.

Top 10 countries with the highest average monthly salary:

1) Switzerland ($6,186)
2) Luxembourg ($5,180)
3) Singapore ($5,032)
4) United States ($4,658)
5) Ice Land ($4,259)
6) Qatar ($4,130)
7) UAE ($3,581)
8) Denmark ($3,539)
9) Netherlands ($3,521)
10) Australia ($3,362)

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Qatar’s monthly salary surpasses the monthly salary of another Gulf country, the UAE – by almost QAR 2,000 apart!

Qatar’s impressive position as the top-ranking Arab nation and sixth globally in terms of average wages is a testament to its thriving economy and commitment to prosperity… living the salary dream in the country👏


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