Here Are Qatar’s Top 5 Restos That Are Whipping Up The Best Burgers In 2023

Farah Makhlouf
burgers doha

Seared to perfection beef patty over a crunchy bed of lettuce and juicy tomato, flavoured by a mixture of ketchup, secret sauce, and a dollop of mustard, wrapped between a buttery and crispy bun. Do burgers sound swell right now or are you just hungry?

Burgers are your best friend and comfort zone. Most restos offer a classic burger but only some know how to make it divine!

We’ve taken a look at a bunch of reviews and decided to name these as…

Qatar’s top 5 restos that whip up the best burgers in 2023


5. Stock Burger

4. Boston’s

3. Hudson Tavern

2. Nusret

1. Hunters Room & Grill


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