Renowned Islamic Scholar Dr. Omar Suleiman Is Coming To Qatar


Dr. Omar Suleiman, an American Muslim scholar, writer, and public speaker, will be speaking at this month’s Education City panel session, “Palestine: A Test of Human Conscience,” according to a statement from the Qatar Foundation.

Dr. Omar Suleiman is a renowned Muslim scholar and Islamic preacher with listeners around the world

According to the organization’s website, the event is slated for November 14 and will include the renowned scholar discussing “how the Palestinian-Israeli war illustrates the distinction between those with conscience and those without – and how we can all help the Palestinian people.”

The event is a part of an educational series that includes talks and conversations with global thought leaders and change-makers and will take place in Al Mayassa Theatre at the Qatar National Convention Centre.

As the president and founder of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, Suleiman has spoken out against the horrors of the horrific Gaza conflict and worked to bring attention to them.

Throughout the current conflict, Suleiman has remained steadfast in his support for the Palestinian people and has posted pictures, films, and narratives denouncing not just the cruel Israeli attacks in Gaza but also the long-term Israeli occupation of Palestine.

“The devastation of whatever scraps remain in the open air prison of Gaza. Unsustainable & inhumane. So if you’re waking up to a sudden interest in the region and want to know what’s been happening, dig a bit deeper than 2 weeks and try to read beyond the headlines of a media that has been dehumanising us for decades,” Suleiman said via X (formerly Twitter).

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