Sheikh Jassim’s Nine Two Foundation Has Registered In The UK, Fueling Takeover Rumors


Just a few hours after Rio Ferdinand said that Qatar’s bid for Manchester United would be accepted, Sheikh Jassim’s Nine Two Foundation officially incorporated in the UK.

Fans have reason to believe that this is the biggest hint so far that the Qataris are preparing for the Manchester United takeover.


Sheikh Jassim’s ‘Nine Two Foundation’ group just received Companies House’s approval to operate legally in the UK. The discovery fueled speculation that Sheikh Jassim might buy Manchester United, although there doesn’t seem to be any connection.

The documentation was found to have been submitted to Companies House months ago, and the firm now has a registered office in London.

Before Sheikh Jassim’s most recent two proposals, the decision to register the foundation in the UK was made, and it is believed to have been more of a prelude to the planned takeover than anything else.

Although no official announcement has yet been made, shares prices of the UK football team continues to go up.


Prior to the beginning of the takeover rumors, Man Utd’s shares were around $19! Needless to say, these numbers indicate that fans are hopeful if anything about the future of the club being in Qatari hands.

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