The Delta Aquariid Meteor Will Shower The Sky Over Qatar Next Friday


A Sky Full of Meteors!

Qatar will witness this year’s meteor shower,  also known as ”the Delta Aquarids” . The phenomenon will begin on Friday evening, July 29, 2022, and last until Saturday morning, July 30, 2022. All you simply need is a location free of environmental and light pollution, to get a view of Qatar’s spectacular sky!

Meteor showers are distinguished by the fact that their observation requires only a location free of environmental and light pollution, therefore Qataris will be able to observe and see the Delta Aquarid meteor showers without the use of astronomy instruments or telescopes. You can observe and monitor them with just the naked eyes from Friday evening till Saturday morning. Moreover,  meteor shower photographs can be captured with even current digital cameras. Consider extending the exposure duration when photographing the Delta Aquarids meteors for more distinct photos.

Observe the meteors in the dark

Take notes! the greatest places to watch delta meteors are in the darkest places, away from residential areas with light and environmental pollutants that may interfere with meteor vision, and that the ideal time to see delta meteors is from midnight to dawn the next day. So, ,ark your calendrers and make sure you don’t miss this spectacular meteor show!


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