The Lovin Doha Brand Expands With Augustus Media’s Hello Qatar Acquisition!


Doha, Qatar – Have you heard the exciting news? Augustus Media expanded the Lovin Doha brand by acquiring the leading Doha-based media outlet Hello Qatar! Meaning: A lot more content will be coming your way and many opportunities for Lovin Doha’s growth.

Aiming to focus more on growing its thriving community across several platforms, Augustus Media moved to obtain Hello Qatar’s social media accounts and website, merging it with Lovin Doha to create a new media powerhouse with a new office in Qatar! 

Need to know more about Lovin Doha and Hello Qatar?

Launched in 2022 just in time for the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Lovin Doha is led by its City Manager, Suzana Gojkovic while Hello Qatar was founded by Alexandre Kader a couple of years earlier in 2015.

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By combining Hello Qatar and Lovin Doha’s strengths, Augustus Media is set to bring its radical outlook on digital media at full speed. Soon enough, the now-rejuvenated Lovin Doha will redefine Qatar’s media landscape and be your go-to for any info on Doha.

But, wait — there’s more!

In addition to acquiring Hello Qatar, Augustus Media has also opened its newest office in Doha: Augustus Media LLC, established under Media City Qatar (MCQ). Although this fact is exciting on its own, it’s made even more special because Augustus Media — the mastermind behind Lovin Dubai and the entire Lovin brand — is now present across 22 cities in the MENA region!

Delighted by this incredible feat, Richard Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of Augustus Media, shared his thoughts, saying: “What Lovin’ does best is bring communities together and sharing the best of its city. Doha is an incredible modern Gulf city with many platforms and creators telling its story. And we intend to do the same with the unique Lovin’ style.”

He also added: “Thank you to Alex and all the great work he has done over the years. We are delighted to make this dual announcement of the acquisition of Hello Qatar and the official opening of the Augustus Media LLC office in Qatar. A special thanks to Media City Qatar for their support and encouragement.”



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