These 3 GCC Airports Made It To The Top 10 Best Airports In The World

Mayar Ibrahim

CN Traveller 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards listed these 3 GCC airports in their top 10 Best Airports in the World. The 3 airports are located in Abu Dhabi, Doha and Dubai.

Based off the choice of their readers, CN Traveller 2022 compiled this list with these 3 GCC airports in the top 10

The list was compiled based off service, atmosphere, food and readers’ choice. Additionally, the Best Airport in the World at the number 1 slot is Istanbul Airport.

The airports in the Gulf were Abu Dhabi International Airport, Doha Hamad Airport and Dubai International Airport

Abu Dhabi International Airport ranked in at 6th, with Doha Hamad Airport following behind at 7th. Finally, Dubai International Airport at 8th place.

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The GCC has dominated the list of the “Best Airports in the Middle East 2022.” Plus, Skytrax surveyed passengers to conclude this list.

Skytrax surveyed passengers of every airlines and airports, additionally, they found out that the GCC rose to the top!


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