This Viral TikTok Video Really Showcases The Benefits Of Being A Qatari Citizen

Farah Makhlouf

This TikTok video went viral for all the right reasons. It showcases why western countries might be hating on the small and wealthy country of Qatar.

Qatar, like most GCC countries, has a population made up of mostly expats. They have great lives there despite them not being “locals” but the government pays extra attention to the citizens and grants them amazing benefits.

According to Foreign Policy “Qatari citizens are some of the luckiest people alive. They are born into a system which guarantees tax-free income, high-paying government jobs, free health care, free higher education, financial support for newlyweds, housing support, free utility bills, or massive subsidies for them.”

Let’s take a look at what benefits Qatari citizens get according to @ttdramanews! Click here to watch.

1. Qatari citizens don’t pay utility bills eg. water, electricity & gas



2. Tying the knot? Does the government pay for the wedding?

While the wedding thing hasn’t been exclusively mentioned online, it seems as though financial aid is given when needed for newlyweds.


3. Do Qatari citizens get free land? (and an interest-free loan if they’d like to build a property on it)

Mr. Q from I Love Qatar debunked this on YouTube! He basically said not all Qataris get a free house (it depends) but they can apply for that interest-free loan.

4. Free education!

Citizens get to attend school, college and university for free and if they want to travel abroad for a degree, they most certainly can.


5. Jobs are all set up

If a citizen is struggling to find a job they like, they can opt for a government job that pays pretty well + an allowance to travel abroad during leave. They can also get free training to up their work game.


6. Healthcare is also free

From a simple scrape to a serious surgery, if it’s needed, the cost to travel abroad for medical purposes will also be covered.


7. Taxes and retirement money? Covered

According to Hukoomi, Qataris don’t pay tax on their personal income.

As for pension, that’s also covered plus a housing allowance.


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