This TikTok Criticising Qatar Went Viral And The Comments Are Gold

Mayar Ibrahim

Jenny Taft posted this TikTok criticising Qatar for having a separate women’s security checkpoint and the comments came to Qatar’s defense.

Jenny made this TikTok criticising Qatar about it’s women’s security point and it instantly went viral

@jennytaft Ladies only 😑 #worldcup #qatar ♬ World’s Smallest Violin – AJR

Naturally, once this video hit the social media platform one user stitched the video in a FABULOUS response

Lama (@lama.lha), a journalist in Qatar responded to the video in the most respectful way possible. Additionally, Lama dropped some facts! She stated that the Women’s security checkpoint was made out of respect for women.

@lama.lha @jennytaft don’t worry jenny its never too late to open a book and educate yourself but then again you know what they say about ignorance #fifa #openabook #dobetter #foxnews #qatar2022 #basichumandecency #respect ♬ original sound – Lama🌸

After that amazing response from Lama, grab some popcorn and enjoy the highlights of the comment section

TikTok users flocked the comments section leaving some of the best sarcastic comments in response to Jenny’s video.

Users feigned understanding and emotional distress towards Jenny’s TikTok about the situation

Lastly, users left comments dripping in sarcasm regarding the TikTok criticising Qatar for having a women’s checkpoint

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