Treat Yourself To Qatari Majboos At These 5 Spots In Doha

Farah Makhlouf

The local cuisine of Qatar is vast with rich flavours, like saloona, madhruba, thareed and most famously machboos/majboos.

Whether you’ve just moved to Qatar, visiting or have been a resident for decades, you know you have to try some local delicacies to get the full Qatari experience.

Let’s take the local favourite, machboos/majboos (however you like to spell it), it’s aromatic and flavourful rice topped with meat, chicken or even seafood with roasted nuts to garnish. It’s fulfilling, rich in flavour and has a bit of crunch.

Wondering where you can get your hands on delicious majboos in Qatar? Keep on reading

5. Majboos Al Walaida

4. Afghan Brothers

3. Bait Al Majbous

2. Al Manchab

1. Karak Mqanes


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