9 Qatar-Based Influencers You Need To Follow ASAP!

Bader Alaa

In dire need of spicing up your Instagram feed? Then follow these Qatar-based influencers! Through their content, you’ll be able to keep up with the latest trends, see where you should go, and even educate yourself on certain topics.

So….do you have your Instagram open yet? Because you’re about to give yourself a case of the butter fingers after pressing all of these follow buttons!

9 – Abdullah Al-Ghafri

Through his Instagram (with the iconic handle, QQQ), Abudllah Al-Ghafri shares his lifestyle with adoring fans as well as inspires them with stories. Most recently, he’s also been entertaining the masses with his show, Deen Wa Teen.


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8- Haneen Al-Saify

Beauty and brains? Well, Haneen Al-Saify is all of that and much more! In addition to her background in chemical engineering, Haneen has been keeping her fans impressed with her trips showcasing her active yet glamorous lifestyle and manyyyyy projects.



7- Khalid Jassim

If you’re a football fan, then Khalid Jassim’s page is where you’ll feel that you’re truly seen. With his videos about football, the beauty of Qatar, and bits of wisdom, it’s no wonder that Khalid knows how to keep his fans coming back for more.



6- Rony Kikano

This Lebanese expat in Qatar is so good at what he does that he won an award for it….and, no, that’s not an exaggeration or a joke! As the winner of the Best Influencer Award, Rony Kikano sure lives up to his title by providing content that is engaging AND inspiring all in one go.



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5- Ahmed Pato

Ahmed Pato’s Instagram bio reads: “Everyone’s happy with Pato” and you know what? He’s totally right about that! With a follow button that doubles as an ‘Instant Serotonin’ button, Pato makes sure his content keeps his audience entertained and happy.


4- Juli Duca

Interested in glamming it up? In need to know what to do in Qatar? Then Juli Duca is your Qatar-based expat to go to! With an eye for hot spots and beautiful aesthetics, Juli’s page is one page you won’t regret visiting.



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3- Valeria

Also known by her handle, New Places by Valeria, this content creator is pretty straight to the point. She will tell you all about cool new places you can go to and you’ll feel FOMO for every second you’re not there. So, what are you waiting for? Hit that follow button!



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2- Dasha

Ready to be really intrigued in someone else’s life? Then you’re just about ready to snoop around Dash’s page…and once you do, well, you won’t be able to get enough!!


1- Muhammed Alfahe Iqbal

Love food and trying new things? Then go ahead and follow Muhammed Alfahe Iqbal through his handle, Wayward Gourmet, and you’ll be in for a treat every single day. And, no, that’s not an exaggeration!


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