How To Keep Kids Entertained At Home


We already have detailed guides on how to work from home, on all the creative activities we can do or how to facilitate our groceries while staying at home.

But what happens with kids? During these uncertain times, it’s not an easy task to keep children entertained continuously. Keeping them busy and happy without letting them in front of a tablet screen too much seems challenging.

Moms in Doha (and all over the world) have to be extra creative during these times and come up with various educational and fun activities to keep their kids- in multiple ages- engaged. We contacted two of the moms we love in Doha and we’ve asked them for some inspiration.

Elisabete Reis owns the ‘Glam Your Image‘, a consultation company, where Elisabete provides advice on styling and image. She is the most suitable person to build your image by analyzing your body type and preferences in colors and clothes.

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Elisabete, originally from Portugal, moved to Qatar in 2006. Besides running a successful business, she is a mom of 3 beautiful kids, Sofia-11 years old, Duarte- 15 years old, and Diogo- 18 years old. They do enjoy their time together and are all grateful for having each other.

1. “We all have lunch together, something that was not happening before. We enjoy this time; we talk a lot, tell stories, and laugh.”

2. “We decided to invest as much time as possible in our backyard. My husband and my eldest son transformed the area into a planting corner. We all helped, of course, by putting soil and planting seeds; we now have tomato parsley, eggplant and leek growing”.

3. We always had several aloe Vera plants, and we have been rearranging them separating the new ones and offering growing ones to some friends. My son drives to their house and drops them at the door.”

“Involving the kids in the backyard was so easy as they like to get dirty, and they also care for the plants; they want to see them grow every day.”

4. “The boys taught their dad a video game, and they play together competing with another team.”

5. “My daughter and I never get bored from doing makeup hair to facials, and all sorts of beauty programs. We can be busy all day long, and we even did a Photoshoot!”

“I take these opportunities to talk to her a lot about the impact of image and how to use it smartly. I also explain to her the pros and cons of everything”.

6. “Another favorite activity is cooking and baking. I’ve been preparing my son for Uni, and this has been the perfect time to teach some quick recipes.”

7. “We also went through his drawers and cabinets, and I gave him a closet consultation to help him keep every tidy”

8. “We enjoy watching movies all together.”

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Rochelle Zonnenberg is an entrepreneur and owner of Hobby House Qatar, a beautiful space that hosts business workshops, artisanal events, and a wide range of creative activities.

She is also a mom of two lovely girls, Amelie- 3 and 1/2 years old and Alexie- 2 years old, and now, her creativity started flowing more than ever!

“As the Coronavirus outbreak goes around our world, we, parents, are called upon to make sure we create a safe, healthy, and creative space at home for our kids. No matter how hard it may be, we all need to focus on the good and make the situation a memorable experience for our children”.

Here are a few activities to keep your little ones busy at home, entertained and fully engaged.

1. Create a rainbow using tissues

2. Create a look box or a jungle using an old shoebox

3. Make art by using flowers and leaves you can find around

4. Learn alphabets or learn how to make shapes using color pencils

5. Use vegetable scraps as stamps to create patterns

6. Freeze your toys and rescue them from ice

7. Use beans to learn how to count

8. Nature impressions on Play Dough

9. Make a Doll Spa Day

10. Color Rope or string using food coloring. Create art. Then leave it to dry to create accessories

11. Grow sprouts and follow the process.

12. Nature Prints on paper using flowers.

We would like to thank Elisabete and Rochelle, for their wonderful suggestions. Stay Safe!

*Images are from the personal collection of Elisabete Reis and Rochelle Zonnenberg.

What about you? How do you keep your kids entertained at home? Please send us your recommendations at



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