The Best Places To See Camels In Doha


Camels are undoubtedly the most significant animals in the nation of Qatar. They are part of the country’s heritage and tradition, as they were used as means of transport for many years. They are also known as ‘ships of the desert’ because they are the only animals that can carry loads of goods and travel for long periods without or with very small amounts of water or food. This is why they were used by Qataris to travel across the desert.

Seeing or riding camels in Doha is a rare experience one must have when visiting Qatar.

Let’s see where you can find camels in Doha!

At Souq Waqif

There is a pen at Souq Waqif where camels spend most of the day in. You can see them, take photos, or ask the locals for a short ride (with a small cost).

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At Al-Shahaniya

An hour away from Doha city, this is the most popular place for someone to see some of the most expensive and best-groomed camels. Al-Shahaniya is best known for its camel races, nevertheless, you are free to visit daily (November to February) and admire the imposing animals. Visiting hours are at around 9:30 am and 5:30 pm but it’s recommended that you check before your visit. Any local company in Qatar will guide you through and if you want to rent a car, then the rental companies will provide the exact route.


At the Sealine Beach, Mesaieed

Qatar’s Sealine Beach is where the sea and dunes meet and embrace each other; it’s a beautiful place, approximately 45 minutes away by car from Doha’s West Bay. Here you can see camels and ride them for 20 QAR.

Image by Maria Petropoulou
Image by Maria Petropoulou

At the desert

Camel riding is a very popular activity included in desert safaris. Most companies offer this as part of the desert safari package. Visiting camels at farmhouses and riding them as the sun sets is a unique experience and we highly recommend it!


Camels are fascinating and beautiful animals and a huge part of Qatar’s heritage. Don’t miss the chance to admire them or ride them; you’ll get a step closer to the local tradition and Qatar’s rich heritage.


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