The Best Places To See Falcons In Qatar


Falcons are an integral part of Qatar’s culture and heritage. They are highly respected birds and symbols of influence and status.

Falcons are super intelligent creatures; hence, their primary use over the centuries was for hunting prey. A tradition that continues to this day and goes beyond the Arab world, as it was equally important in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Viewing falcons in Doha is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Let’s see the places where you can visit and view falcons:

At Souq Waqif

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Falcon Souq at Souq Waqif (Al Souq Street) is a must-visit spot if you want to see falcons. It’s the best place to better understand the meaning of falconry in the Qatari society. You can view the birds, photograph them, or hold them under the shopkeeper’s supervision.


To better understand the importance of falcons in Qatar, there is even a government-run falcon hospital at the Souq that offers top-notch care to the birds. It features the latest technological and medical equipment to properly treat the birds.


At a desert tour

Most tourist companies in Doha organize desert tours, where you can experience the art of falconry by viewing falcons at their camps and learning various interesting details from the camp owners. You can watch them fly or get trained as well.

At the S’hail International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition

S’hail is an annual festival that celebrates the art of falconry. It takes place every year at Katara Cultural Village, so if you’re in Doha around this time and you’re interested in watching falcons, this is an excellent opportunity that is not to be missed. You will get to view various falcons of different sizes, all equally beautiful and imposing. Feel free to ask for any details you’d like to know, take photos, or hold them.




Visiting falcons is an experience worth trying while visiting Doha. We are sure that you’re going to be impressed by these wonderful creatures as much as we are!


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