Hamad International Airport Introduces Dedicated Family Screening Lanes


Specialized lanes will aim to reduce wait times at security checkpoints and offer staff assistance to families with their belongings, reflecting the airport’s commitment to minimizing stress and ensuring a seamless journey for all passengers.

Hamad International Airport (DOH) is enhancing its travel experience with the launch of dedicated screening lanes tailored for families traveling with young children

To ensure the effectiveness of this initiative, Hamad International Airport will actively seek feedback and suggestions for improvement from passengers utilizing these family lanes. After a successful trial phase in the transfer screening area, the concept will be expanded to other security checkpoints, ensuring families enjoy a hassle-free experience throughout the airport.

Recognized for its family-friendly amenities, Hamad International Airport offers a range of facilities tailored to accommodate travelers with children, including baby changing rooms, family toilets, and play areas.

Renowned for setting new standards in modern air travel, Hamad International Airport prioritizes passenger experience and safety at every stage. With a focus on efficiency, the airport has significantly reduced wait times at security checkpoints to industry-leading levels, with over 95% of passengers waiting less than five minutes to pass through security. Passengers transferring through the airport can conveniently keep their electronic devices and liquid containers in their hand luggage, streamlining the process and garnering overwhelmingly positive feedback, with a 97.2% satisfaction rate from passengers.

Beyond family-oriented amenities, the airport offers numerous opportunities for exploration and leisure, such as art installations, play areas, and the tranquil ORCHARD indoor tropical garden, showcasing trees and plants from sustainable forests worldwide.


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