Qatari Citizens Can Now Enter Vietnam Through An E-Visa


Due to strict immigration laws, most visitors must apply for visas before visiting Vietnam, unless they are from countries that do not require them. Check your status to discover if you are free from visa requirements before taking a flight to Vietnam.

Qatari citizens can now apply for an electronic visa to Vietnam

Nationals of Qatar may apply for a Vietnam Electronic Visa (E-visa). E-visa applications are accepted from nationals of 80 nations, including Qatar. A one-month E-visa that can be utilised for travel, business, job, or school is available to Qatar passport holders.

A Vietnam visa can be applied for online in under 10 minutes. Applications must include all the information requested on the passport page, including the applicant’s name, residence, and work details.

Required documents for Qatari citizens:

A valid passport

A valid Email address where notifications and the approved e-Visa will be sent.

You can use a Debit or credit card to pay for the visa fees.

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