4 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Qatar Balloon Festival


The Qatar Balloon Festival is the country’s first 12-day festival of Hot Air Balloons, where 30 balloons will be gathering from around the world. The event has been scheduled to coincide with three major events in the country:

  • 24th Edition of Gulf Cup Tournament from 26th November to 8th December
  • 2019 FIFA Club World Cup from 11th December to 22 December
  • Qatar National Day Celebrations 18th December

Besides the aforementioned facts, there are a few more reasons why you should definitely visit it.

  1. t’s going to be magical! Hot Air Balloons will take off during sunset, coloring Doha’s sky even more. What is more, they will also take off at night, with their lights on and music playing; a spectacular scene! Lastly, people will get a chance to enjoy a ride and take beautiful, colorful photos. An experience to remember!
  2. There will be various entertainment activities for everyone, including musical shows, kids’ activities and various food options!
  3. There are 30 balloons from 13 countries are taking part in this exciting event!
  4. It’s going to be a super Instagram-friendly event, so if you’re an Instagram enthusiast, you have to be there. Imagine all the colorful moments you’ll get to capture!



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December 7th-18th, 2019


Aspire Park, Al Waab Street, Al Waab, Doha – Qatar


Phone: +974 7754-9779

Email: info@qatarballoonfestival.com

*Photo credits: http://www.qatarballoonfestival.com/


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