A Malaysian Airlines Flight That Left From Doha Made An Emergency Landing In Mumbai


After having their passports seized, passengers from aircraft MH165, which left Doha, Qatar on November 24 (Friday), allegedly found themselves detained in Mumbai, India.

The passengers were originally scheduled to arrive in Kuala Lumpur

Taking to the “Expats in Kuala Lumpur” Facebook group, passenger Aubrey Leigh Rogers described how she and the other passengers had been held in Mumbai for three days and counting, with no aircraft scheduled to return them home. It all started when the aircraft they were aboard had to make an emergency landing in Mumbai because one of its engines had failed.

She wrote, “130 of us are being held with our passports taken in Mumbai airport since yesterday (24 November).

She added “MH0165 from Doha to KL had engine failure and did an emergency landing in Mumbai at 4pm local time, we were held at the airport for over 8 hours. Some of us were trapped in transfer busses as we were not allowed to enter the terminal and eventually, they took us to a hotel at midnight.”

“(We were) brought back to the airport today at 12 noon, and were told we could fly at 2:30pm. It’s now 11:30pm, we are still in the airport, not allowed to leave, not transferred to other flights, no food, no water, people have collapsed. There are kids and elderly people.”

The Airbus A330 (reg. 9M-MTN) is a 10 year-old aircraft, which was flying for three hours before diverting to Mumbai.


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