Qatar Airways Has Introduced “Sama 2.0,” The World’s First AI Flight Attendant


In a move that signals the evolving landscape of air travel, Qatar Airways has unveiled what it calls “the first digital human in aviation,” revolutionizing passenger interactions in the skies.

Meet Sama 2.0, an AI assistant designed to provide passengers with a seamless and personalized experience throughout their journey

Unlike traditional flight attendants, Sama 2.0 won’t be offering pillows or snacks, but rather, it will serve as a digital concierge, offering a wealth of information on various topics, from travel details to on-board services. This second-generation AI assistant boasts human-like expressions and even simulated breathing, enhancing its ability to engage with passengers on a more intuitive level.

Sama 2.0’s capabilities extend beyond scripted interactions, thanks to its generative AI qualities. It resides in Qatar Airways’ metaverse, Qverse, where it assists passengers with flight bookings, transactions, and queries about both on-ground and in-flight services. From cabin preferences to meal options and baggage allowances, Sama 2.0 aims to streamline the travel experience for Qatar Airways’ customers.

Developed through a partnership between Qatar Airways and UneeQ, a tech company specializing in lifelike digital assistants, Sama 2.0 represents a significant leap forward in AI technology. By incorporating realistic facial expressions and a relatable personality, Sama aims to bridge the gap between man and machine, offering passengers a more comfortable and engaging interaction.

Sama’s backstory adds another layer of depth to its persona. Raised in Doha and trained to become a flight attendant for Qatar Airways, Sama brings a sense of familiarity and authenticity to its role as a digital assistant.

The debut of Sama 2.0 at the ITB conference marks a milestone in the evolution of air travel. While the initial version of Sama served as a tour guide for Qatar Airways’ Qverse, the latest iteration leverages generative AI to engage in meaningful conversations with passengers. While currently only available in English, plans are underway to introduce Arabic and other languages later this year, further expanding Sama’s reach and accessibility.

As the first digital flight attendant in the skies, Sama sets a precedent for the integration of AI technology in aviation. While other airlines may be observing Qatar Airways’ bold move, the rapid advancement of generative AI suggests that Sama may soon have company in the digital skies. As passengers embrace this innovative technology, the future of air travel promises to be both seamless and transformative.


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