Qatar Announces The Retirement Of Hassan Al Haydos From The National Team


The Qatar Football Association made a solemn announcement on March 16th, revealing the retirement of Hassan Al Haydos from Qatar’s national football team.

Expressing profound gratitude for his unwavering commitment and leadership as the national team’s captain, the Qatar Football Association lauded Al Haydos for his loyalty, generosity, and moral character.

Having joined the national team in 2008, Al Haydos leaves behind a remarkable 16-year career adorned with numerous accomplishments. Notably, he played a pivotal role in Qatar’s victory during his debut year, securing the Most Promising Player award from the Qatar Football Association. Additionally, he was honored as the Best Player in 2015.

Throughout his illustrious career, Al Haydos showcased exceptional talent and dedication, participating in 183 international matches and scoring a remarkable 41 goals.

His tenure saw him represent Qatar in four AFC Asian Cup finals, spanning from 2011 in Qatar to 2023 in his home country, Qatar.

Among his notable achievements are Qatar’s triumph in the 2014 Gulf Cup and the historic victories in the AFC Asian Cup in 2019 and 2023, solidifying his legacy as one of Qatar’s most esteemed football icons.


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