Qatar Museums Is Collaborating With Microsoft to Elevate Visitor Experiences


In a bid to revolutionize visitor encounters and elevate technological experiences, Qatar Museums (QM) has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Microsoft.

The MoU signing occurred amidst the vibrant ambiance of the Web Summit in Qatar, where global luminaries from the tech realm convened to foster innovation and forge connections.

Under the partnership, Microsoft’s comprehensive suite of services, including Azure, will be harnessed to introduce cutting-edge solutions aimed at enhancing the Smart Museums Experience. This collaboration extends to leveraging Microsoft’s AI digital center and providing technological support to explore innovative applications of AI, AR, and VR technologies within QM exhibits.

Building on their past collaboration, which facilitated The National Museum of Qatar’s migration to the Microsoft Cloud, the renewed partnership seeks to push the boundaries of visitor engagement. Augmented, virtual, and mixed-reality experiences will be further developed, offering visitors immersive journeys through Qatar’s rich cultural landscape.

Moreover, the introduction of OpenAI promises to unlock new frontiers of innovation, fostering creativity and experimentation within QM’s ecosystem.

With this strategic alliance, Qatar Museums and Microsoft are poised to redefine the intersection of culture and technology, setting the stage for seamless and immersive encounters that resonate with residents and visitors alike.


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