Qatar Will Use The AFC Asian Cup As A Platform To Support Palestinians


Amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the Gulf State of Qatar has announced that the upcoming AFC Asian Cup, which it will host from January 12 to February 10, 2024, will serve as a platform to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the AFC Asian Cup has pledged to donate revenue from tournament ticket sales to humanitarian relief efforts in Gaza and other occupied territories. Additionally, the LOC has promised to incorporate messages of support for the Palestinian cause throughout the tournament.

“We are with you, and we will not forget you, and this is the weakest of faith,” said Mead Al-Emadi, Director of Events at the LOC.

Qatar’s decision to highlight the Palestinian cause at the AFC Asian Cup is a powerful gesture of solidarity during a time of immense suffering. The tournament, which is expected to draw thousands of fans from around the world, will provide a global stage to raise awareness of the Palestinian plight.

The Gulf State has a long history of supporting the Palestinian people, and its efforts to use the AFC Asian Cup as a platform for solidarity are commendable. The tournament is an opportunity to showcase Qatar’s commitment to justice and human rights, and it will undoubtedly send a strong message of support to the Palestinian people.

The AFC Asian Cup, which is the premier international football competition in Asia, has been held 17 times since its inception in 1956. Qatar has previously hosted the tournament in 1988 and 2011.

The tournament is expected to generate significant revenue for Qatar, and the LOC’s decision to donate a portion of this revenue to humanitarian relief efforts in Gaza is a truly remarkable gesture of compassion.

Qatar’s leadership has shown remarkable courage and commitment to supporting the Palestinian people throughout the conflict in Gaza. The country’s decision to use the AFC Asian Cup as a platform for solidarity is a testament to its unwavering support for justice and human rights.

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