Qatari Authorities Are Investigating An Indian Navy Officer’s Disappearance


Following his mysterious disappearance while travelling from Oman to Qatar on board the MV Asian Bulk, the family of Amar Bahadur Verma, a 50-year-old Indian electro-technical officer, has made a request for help from their state government.

On June 2nd, Verma was last seen aboard the ship. After lunch, his coworkers discovered his absence and alerted the captain, who immediately launched an investigation.

Verma’s disappearance is currently being investigated by Qatari authorities

Verma works for the merchant navy and is stationed on the MV Asian Bulk. According to the Indian Express, the ship set out on its journey from Sohar, Oman, on February 2 with Mesaieed, Qatar as its final destination.

On May 29, the Verma family lost communication with Amar. Over the ensuing days, Amar’s elder brother, Jagdish Prasad Verma, who lives in Nagpur, became aware of his odd silence.

Verma was last saw on the ship on June 2, according to representatives of the shipping business. His coworkers were aware of his absence after lunch, alerted the crew, and an investigation was launched right away.

The MV Asian Bulk was boarded by Qatari authorities so they could begin their investigation.



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