The 6 Apps That Will Make You More Productive While Working Remotely


Remote working increases rapidly. Humanity faces the challenge of the Coronavirus pandemic and most companies around the globe have started implementing the ‘work from home’ model.

At the same time, it’s safe to assume that shifting to this new work model is going to be our future reality. The vast majority of freelancers around the world have already adopted it and for some of them, it is considered even more productive.

Nevertheless, working from home can be more challenging than you think, as there are oh-so-many disruptions in this environment. And how can you be sure that your co-workers are connected at the same time or how can you properly communicate with them?

We have gathered the top 6 apps for working effectively from home. Have a look and meet your new best working partners:

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1. Zoom

A very practical, multi-purpose tool for video communications, video and audio conferences, chat, webinars or online meetings. We have tried it ourselves many times and it always works perfectly. Zoom is also great for screen sharing; if you want to introduce something new to your co-workers or if you need to attend an online class, this app is perfect.

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2. Monday

That’s a very useful tool to plan, organize and track your team’s projects and daily tasks. You can see who is doing what, which tasks are accomplished and within what period.

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3. Slack

Slack may seem like WhatsApp, but it’s far more professional. It can be described as a chat room for the whole company, as it allows you to organize discussions with teammates and of course exchange private messages.

Moreover, it tracks who is online and offline. Lastly, it’s a business tool, which means you won’t pile up your work discussions on your personal WhatsApp.

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4. Trello

This is an amazing tool for social media managers and content creators. You can organize your schedule per day or per month, add visual content and copy. Teammates can amend the content and you can see who is doing what. This tool is strongly recommended for all those people working in this field.

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5. Google Docs

That’s a great way to share files with your team. People who get access to the files can edit the content and share it with the team.

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6. Microsoft Teams

Teams is a tool that allows you to chat, call and e-meet your co-workers.

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Working from home can be really productive, as long as you use the right tools. We would love to know, are there any tools that you recommend?

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