To Infinity And Beyond — Katara Foundation Begins A Program For Space Science!


When you’re a kid, you have two equally persistent wishes — to suddenly develop a superpower or to have a very adventurous future. The second thing could have possibly led you to think of yourself as a future pirate or an astronaut.

Luckily for you, the second thing is more attainable.

In fact, if you’re based in Doha, then your luck might have just doubled because the Katara Cultural Village Foundation has just launched its very first space science program!

Six years after unveiling Al Thuraya Planetarium, the foundation doubles down on how keen it is in fostering interest in astronomy and space science as well as raising future generations of Qatari astronauts.

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The whole thing gets infinitely more exciting once you find out that Katara Cultural Village’s manager Khalid Al Sulaiti is bringing in ex-Nasa Chief Technologist Jim Adams and his expertise into the mix.

Whether you’re still holding on to those childhood dreams of being just like Buzz Lightyear or you’re just THAT curious, we bet the program will be worth checking out! 


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