Hello Qatar seeks to inform and inspire with creative and well-researched feature content.

Created by expats from the U.S. and Europe to highlight the truly unique aspects about life in the Great State of Qatar. It originally started in 2015 as a Facebook page to show people back home what life was like in Doha. Many stereotypes exist about this region and Hello Qatar gives you a first-hand account of the highlights of living in this family-friendly country. Qatar is a place that offers people:

– New infrastructure (roads, hotels, 5G internet, metro, etc.)
– Low crime rates
– No personal income tax
– Low unemployment
– Best-in-class airline and airport
– Top tier U.S. Universities
– Amazing events (e.g. 2022 World Cup)

…Not to mention duty free shopping, nice beaches and fantastic restaurants. It’s not perfect (no place is), but it’s a great and safe place to live that is centrally located with easy access to most of the world.

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